Lower Halstow Parish Council

Lower Halstow Parish Council

Lower Halstow Parish Council

Welcome to Lower Halstow

A beautiful Kentish village with an extensive and interesting history.

Council Meeting

Parish Council meetings are normally held on the first Tuesday of every month except August. Meetings start at 7 pm with public open time. 











Lower Halstow Parish Council would like to welcome you to the website.

Evidence suggest that Lower Halstow was inhabited in the Roman times and possibly dating back to the Iron Age due to its natural resources of flints, clay and water.

Lower Halstow Church, St. Margaret, is dedicated to St. Margaret of Antioch – patron saint of women in childbirth and dates back to the 9th century. www.thesix.org.uk/lowerhalstow.htm

Creek brickfields

Beautiful views surround the village. This sunset from Lower Halstow creek is enjoyed by local people that are keen on water based leisure. There is an active yacht club near to the church in the Sount East corner of the creek. www.lhyc.org.uk

The village has one remaining public house known as the Three Tuns. The building itself was said to be built in 1468 and was issued an ale licence in 1764 as The Three Tuns.

The Parish Council would like your views and opinions of what information that this website can provide. Please email the Clerk with your suggestions. clerk.lhpc@gmail.com